Midwifery is the health science and health profession that deals with the comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health; pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period (including care of the newborn), as well as sexual counseling, prescription of contraceptives and abortion care.

Midwifery has a pivotal, yet still widely neglected, part to play in accelerating progress to stop preventable mortality amongst women and children in the world.

Sweden is one of the countries with the lowest adverse outcomes for mothers and children globally. The Swedish Network for Midwifery can potentially share knowledge and inspiration from Sweden’s 300-year-old experience of midwifery care as a way to reduce maternal and newborn mortality and secure equal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.

Our mission is to advance midwifery care in general and accelerate the midwifery profession in particular, and to ensure that policy and programmes on midwifery are evidence based, equitable, and respectful of human rights, nationally and globally.

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If interested to join or learn more about the network, please contact:



Helena Lindgren porträtt

Helena Lindgren, The Swedish Association of Midwives

+46 73 344 25 99

Eva Nordlund, President, The Swedish Association of Midwives

+46 73 561 83 49

In 2018, Government Offices of Sweden launched a framework for Sweden’s work on global health –implementing the 2030 Agenda. For its implementation thematic Swedish Networks for Global Health grew organically. The added value of these networks is the enabling of multisectoral  and interdisciplinary collaboration around global health, allowing a large number of Swedish actors to come together through coordinated and joint action.

In 2021, the Swedish Network for Midwifery was initiated. The network coordinator is the Swedish Association of Midwives (SBF).  A steering group supports the coordinator in the strategic development of the network and in the initiation of activities. SIGHT supports the overall work with the Swedish Networks for Global Health and stimulates synergies between thematic areas and networks. 


The Swedish Midwifery Report
Framsida av rapporten The Midwifes Role


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