“You have convinced us that we can contribute to transformation of global health”

Peter Friberg.

Dear friends,

Four marvellous and constructive years with the SIGHT Secretariat have truly enriched me with new dimensions both professionally and in my personal life, for which I am very thankful. Through the university network, student networks, SIGHT Fellows and contacts with organisations and authorities, we have had the privilege to meet so many inspiring people with profound knowledge in a range of different areas. Passionate individuals from completely different sectors and scientific disciplines in Sweden and the world.

You have helped us think new and big. You have convinced us that we can contribute to transformation of global health, to focus more on the determinants for good health and well-being and access to equal health as a concern of society as a whole – never forgetting the most vulnerable and that children and young people´s health are most impacted by our Anthropocene era.

This is why I am extraordinarily happy that we are able to launch a platform for eight networks for global health implementing the 2030 Agenda with SIGHT as coordinator. Gabriella Hök has done fantastic work in accomplishing this. There are plenty of commonalities, bringing together networks of experts in Antibiotics Resistance, Child Health, Midwives, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Women in Global Health, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, Communicable diseases and Non-communicable diseases.

That SIGHT has been commissioned by the Government Offices of Sweden to bring together these thematic areas within global health is descriptive of what SIGHT aims for: being a catalyst and facilitator for the very best, clever minds with a solid scientific basis for Sweden’s implementation of the sustainable development goals on local as well as global level.

I am convinced that the Swedish networks for Global Health are already doing great work and will identify new ways of collaboration and innovative solutions, needed on the way to 2030 and onwards. We still have some way to go in terms of tackling social and health inequality and making better use of scientific results by implementing them into society, according to Gabriel Wikström (see interview).

Stay safe

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