Swedish Platform for Non Communicable Diseases

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) include the five major burdens of disease; cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes and mental illness. For these five diseases there are five major risk factors; tobacco, alcohol, diet, air pollution and physical activity.

Based on the 2030 Agenda goals, the objective of the Swedish Platform for Non-Communicable Diseases is to broaden the public health policy discussion by highlighting the underlying factors and the positive synergies between e.g. climate and health for measures related to the NCD area nationally. This is to demonstrate how our lifestyles are affected by structural factors that play a major role in public health. Furthermore the platform will map Sweden’s most successful efforts to reduce NCDs to, among other things, use as good examples to drive global health forward.

If interested to join or learn more about the network, please contact:


Anette Jansson, Ansvarig intressepolitik och prevention, Hjärt-Lungfonden

+46 7 08-54 42 47


Emma Kristensson Bennwik, Ansvarig Internationella Relationer, Cancerfonden

 +46 730 77 99 24


In 2018, Government Offices of Sweden launched a framework for Sweden’s work on global health –implementing the 2030 Agenda. For its implementation thematic Swedish Networks for Global Health grew organically. The added value of these networks is the enabling of multisectoral  and interdisciplinary collaboration around global health, allowing a large number of Swedish actors to come together through coordinated and joint action.

In 2019, the Swedish Platform for Non-Communicable Diseases was initiated. The network coordination is shared by Cancerfonden and Hjärt-Lungfonden. A steering group will be formed to support the coordinators in the strategic development of the network and in the initiation of activities and new members are welcome to joinSIGHT supports the overall work with the Swedish Networks for Global Health and stimulates synergies between thematic areas and networks. 


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The ANSER stakeholder meeting

When: November 24, 2021 @ 9:30 am

All platform members are most welcome to join the ANSER Stakeholder meeting 24th of November, 2021. The academic network brings together SRHR scientists, policy makers,

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