Swedish Network for International Cooperation on Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotics play a crucial role in many more areas of life than most people imagine. However, antibiotics are starting to lose their effectiveness due to resistant infections, and the consequences will be far-reaching if decisive and rapid action is not taken globally. 

Antibiotic resistance would seriously jeopardise the achievement of several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This include the goals on human, animal and environmental health, poverty reduction, food security, economic growth and so on. The SDGs are deeply inter-connected and many goals and targets rely on one another to achieve the envisioned state of wellbeing and sustainability. 

Antibiotic resistance knows no sectorial limits, country borders or other divisions and therefore requires a level of cooperation that other challenges have not demanded before.

The Swedish Network for International Cooperation on Antimicrobial Resistance aims to gather different stakeholders in Sweden to formulate ideas for how Sweden can take an active role in integrating antimicrobial resistance into international strategies and processes, to identify gaps at the global and EU level where Sweden could take a more proactive role and to share Sweden’s experiences abroad and learning from international initiatives. 

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If interested to join or learn more about the network, please contact:


Mengying Ren


Anna Zorzet

+46 70 994 95 89

Mengying Ren


In 2018, Government Offices of Sweden launched a framework for Sweden’s work on global health –implementing the 2030 Agenda. For its implementation thematic Swedish Networks for Global Health grew organically. The added value of these networks is the enabling of multisectoral  and interdisciplinary collaboration around global health, allowing a large number of Swedish actors to come together through coordinated and joint action. In 2021, the Swedish Network for International Cooperation on Antimicrobial Resistance was initiated. The network coordinator is ReAct, Action on Antibiotic Resistance. Representatives from the Public Health Agency Sweden, WaterAidMSFKI/Unicef and Sida are part of a reference group to support strategic development of the network and initiation of activities. SIGHT supports the overall work with the Swedish Networks for Global Health and stimulates synergies between thematic areas and networks.


New ReAct Report:

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Swedish work on containment of antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic Resistance
– The Silent Tsunami

A short movie about the history and the current status of antibiotics. Produced by ReAct and Uppsala University, Sweden. Production: www.visuallab.no

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