Swedish Network for Global Child Health

Despite significant progress during recent decades, some 5.4 million children under the age of five continue to die around the world each year – 15,000 every day – largely from preventable causes. Addressing preventable mortality should go hand in hand with preventing needless morbidity in order to set every child off on the best start in life – regardless of where they live. Broader social determinants of child health – gender inequality, education, climate and the environment, safety, early childhood development, freedom – play a pivotal role in enhancing wellbeing and availing livelihood opportunities.

A key priority in Sweden’s development agenda, improving the health of children locally and globally, requires contributions that are inter- and multidisciplinary in scope and grounded in evidence. In 2019 the network contributed to the development of a road map on global child health, encouraging the global community to harness the interlinking potential of the SDGs in order to accelerate progress whilst paying attention to priority areas.  

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If interested to join or learn more about the network, please contact:


Tobias Alfvén, Karolinska Institutet


Karin Strömstedt Johansson, UNICEF


In 2018, Government Offices of Sweden launched a framework for Sweden’s work on global health –implementing the 2030 Agenda. For its implementation thematic Swedish Networks for Global Health grew organically. The added value of these networks is the enabling of multisectoral  and interdisciplinary collaboration around global health, allowing a large number of Swedish actors to come together through coordinated and joint action.

In 2017, the Swedish Network for Global Child Health was initiated. The network coordinators are Karolinska Institutet and UNICEF. A steering group is under formation and will support the coordinator in the strategic development of the network and in the initiation of activities. SIGHT supports the overall work with the Swedish Networks for Global Health and stimulates synergies between thematic areas and networks. 


Network meeting on undernutrition in Rwanda

Within the long standing bilateral collaboration between University of Rwanda (UR) and the Swedish Government (Sida), 17 sub-programs are carried through. One of these will be presented in this network meeting, titled Undernutrition – an interdisciplinary research program focusing on children and their mothers

Five Swedish universities are involved with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UR, these are University of Gothenburg, Umeå University, SLU, Södertörn and Lund Universities. 

During the session, the research program was described, with its aims and progress so far. Four interlinked projects are to be carried through and were presented by:

Gunilla Krantz, MD, Professor (coordinator Swedish side) and Kristina Elfving (supervisor), Pediatrician, Senior consultant, MD, PhD

Comments were given by the Ambassador to Rwanda in Sweden, Mrs Diane Gashumba, former Minister of Health in Rwanda.

Network meeting November 9th 2021

During the network meeting on the 9th of November UNICEF’s data on Global Child Health presented UNICEFs available data and an overview of how data is collected. This was presented by Jennifer Requejo, Senior Adviser Statistics and Monitoring for the health and HIV portfolio together with Liliana Carvajal, Statistics and Monitoring Specialist | Data and Analytics Section | UNICEF HQ. To access the presentation with links to relevant data sources please click here:

Article published in Global Health Action

Volume 12, 2019 – Issue 1: Placing children and adolescents at the centre of the Sustainable Development Goals will deliver for current and future generations

A future for the world’s children? A WHO–UNICEF–Lancet Commission

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Past events

Network meeting November 14, 2022

Children with disabilities in low income countries, which interventions work?

Ahead of the day of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we held a joint network meeting between the global child health and the mental health and psychosocial support network. The aim was to shed light on the situation for children with disabilities in low income countries. Topics covered:

What does the situation look like? What kind of interventions are effective according to the research? What recommendations can we make for future efforts within the health systems, schools, and in the work of civil society?

Please see below the PPTs for further information.

Network meeting March 10, 2022

UNICEF Office of Innovation joined the network meeting with a presentation of their mission and their health portfolios.The centre opened up in Sweden recently. UNICEF and Sweden will cooperate to build a robust global innovation ecosystem working towards a brighter world for every child. This includes engaging Swedish businesses, academia and civil society who are collectively delivering international development assistance with a lens on sustainability and innovation. Access the presentation here:

Network meeting January 1, 2022

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