Student Feedback on SIGHT Award event: Better health for refugee women and children


Megdelawit Ayele Shomoroo, Master’s Programme in Public Health Science- Specialization in Health Equality, University of Gothenburg, First-year student

“Being part of the annual SIGHT award ceremony in Gothenburg was just great! Especially the panel discussion. As a student listening to the panelists and getting the chance to ask them questions about refugee women’s and children’s healthcare access has given me the chance to learn a lot. It was inspiring to meet with the organizers and people from different professional backgrounds who are eager to bring the change needed towards the issue.

Thank you Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation (SIGHT) for hosting this event and letting us students be part of it.”

Anastasia Ponomarenko, Master’s Programme in Information Technology and Learning, University of Gothenburg, First-year student

“The SIGHT award ceremony was just the right experience to start my student life with. I got to meet professionals who make a real impact and work closely with refugee women’s and children’s healthcare in Sweden. They shared the challenges that they face while working on this issue from the perspective of their careers. This led to an honest panel discussion, which added a personal touch to the ceremony. Their achievements and advice were very inspiring and helped me better understand what I want to do with my studies and career.”

Kimbo Henry Korsuk Sworo, Master’s in Public Health with Health Economics, University of Gothenburg, Second-year student

There was a good insight on Immigrants not being left behind as Agenda2030 states Leaving no one behind) especially focusing on Maternal and Child Health as well as teenage girls. A good tip was given to students to establish the best sources of data on Immigrants and refugees if they intend to make a difference to such vulnerable groups. One of the panellists also highlighted about providing for the needs and a supportive environment for the immigrants to take control of themselves in the countries they find themselves in such as opening up to immigrants, providing health services in the languages they understand.

Overall it was a very eye-opening event with great ideas for us as students to think about as we intend to make a difference in the world after our Master’s programmes.

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