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Students and youth are increasingly recognized as vital stakeholders and change agents on a society aiming to achieve sustainable development and better health for all. The interest and engagement in global health activities is continuously increasing among students. For the more health related disciplines in Sweden, the term “Hans Rosling generation” has been coined to describe the surge of those who are already familiar with the concepts of global health even before staring any official university programme or course.


Although there are well-functioning grassroots movements and organisations that engage students in global health, man students argue that there is lack of opportunities to take their dedication to a more professional level. Moreover, most of the organisations that are currently engaging students are primarily operating within the disciplines traditional associated with global health. Consequently, there are very few interdisciplinary collaborations between student organisations.

SIGHT Student Network was therefore established. Through the network SIGHT will serve as a dynamic interdisciplinary forum for discussion and action on global health issues.

Meet the SIGHT Student Coordinators:

Solomiya is currently studying towards a Master in Medical Science in Health, Economics, Policy and Management at Karolinska Institutet. Previously, she studied her Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. During her Bachelors, Solomiya took a gap from her studies and decided to work at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, where she grew passionate and enthusiastic about improving healthcare systems. While at the MoH, she worked closely with the Minister of Health on improving international relations and donor coordination. Additionally, Solomiya has worked on different health related projects, such as completing a desk review on governance for health and well-being in Ukraine, for the World Health Organization. Currently, in addition to being a student coordinator at SIGHT, Solomiya is also a Consulting Director of 180 Degrees Consulting, Stockholm branch. As a student coordinator, Solomiya is delighted to use her unique background and student perspective to ensure that a variety of student voices are heard and included in discussions and decision making that SIGHT is a part of, so as to enrich and improve Global Health. 

Nora is a student in the Master of Public Health Sciences at Karolinska Institutet. She has a background in pharmacy and work experience in community pharmacy and public health research. Before moving to Sweden, she did an internship at Miguel Hernández University, where she also took some courses on cooperation to development. Nora was involved in projects related to NCD reduction in LMIC, with a strong focus on inequities in health. Alongside her master studies, she has been volunteering for the Swedish Organization for Global Health as a project manager for an intervention aimed at improving menstrual health among women in a LIC. In SIGHT, she hopes to contribute to the development of Global Public Health as an interdisciplinary field and to actively involve students in Global Health discussions.  

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