SIGHT Award 2017

The SIGHT Award is publicly announced for the first time, November 15th, 2017. The Swedish professor Andreas Mårtensson receives the prize for his pioneering work to find strategies to fight malaria by Melinda Gates and Stefan Einhorn. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award 2017 SIGHT Award to Andreas Mårtensson, as a nominee of Uppsala University.

See the inspirational film on Andreas Mårtensson and his research focusing on the fight against malaria!

The ceremony for the 2017 SIGHT Award took place at the SIGHT student event on 15 November 2017, with the award handed over by Stefan Einhorn and Melinda Gates to the 2017 laureate. The information about and films from the event, Youth, Health and the Global Goals: Dialogue with Melinda Gates, can be found on our event page.