Tarja Halonen
chair of the commission

Giving peace a chance through
health and gender equality

Tarja Halonen, former President of Finland is Chair of the new The LancetSIGHT Commission on peaceful societies through health and gender equality. “Health is a key issue for building strong and resilient societies”, the President says in an interview about her engagement in the commission.  

Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet: “Global health is about equity and creating fairer societies. It’s about realizing the right to health.”

Peter Friberg.

Peter Friberg, Co-chair and SIGHT Director. “The collaborative work among both young and senior people within this Commission is a joy and challenge. The mix of political-, gender-, health, and peace disciplines, to name a few, is fantastic and brings data together from several angles enabling us to make novel contributions and conclusions.“

The Commissioners bring expertise in health, gender, peace, and conflict research and policy across a range of geographies and institutions.


Some updates

  • Working Meeting was held in London March 2–3 with a small group of Commissions to discuss the analytic workstreams and ensure alignment between the Working Groups. Highlights include:

    • Valerie Percival led group discussion on the pathways of change for how health and gender equality can contribute to peace.
    • Creation of a Gender & Peacebuilding working group, led by Minna Lyytikäinen, to more fully address the pathways from gender equality to peace.
    • Discussion of justice as central to peace, and addressing health and gender inequities as important in creating a just peace.


  • SIGHT will host a virtual Second Commission Meeting June 29–30, 2020.
  • Commissioners are discussing the COVID-19 links for the Commission’s research. 

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