One Health: Antibiotic resistance, zoonotic diseases and food security in focus for SIGHT Award 2018

9 November 2018

Johanna Lindahl, senior scientist in veterinary-epidemiology, is awarded the SIGHT Award 2018 and SEK 100 000 from the Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation, SIGHT. The prize is awarded for excellent scientific contribution to global health.

LindahlJohanns_sight2018_350Johanna Lindahl is an associate professor and active at the International Livestock Research Institute, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala university. Commenting on the award, Lindahl says that it is both honouring and encouraging.

– This goes for both the area of One Health and for me personally, given the scale of the challenge and that relatively few people work with the issue. Maybe this award can raise more awareness, highlighting the need for deeper knowledge in zoonotic diseases and the significance of human-animal interaction for antibiotic resistance while showing how important this interplay is to global health.

Citation for her award:

”Johanna Lindahl has from a holistic perspective and in cooperation with researchers from low and middle-income countries developed our knowledge within areas of crucial relevance for the well-being and survival of mankind globally, namely human and animal interaction (”One Health”) as well as antibiotic resistance.”

 Award ceremony 25th November

The Prize was instituted with the support from the Einhorn family foundation and is awarded during the Voices 4 Health concert, with first performance at the Eric Ericson Hall in Stockholm, on the 25th November. The decision on awardee for the SIGHT Award 2018 was taken by the board of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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Awardee Johanna Lindahl:

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Antibiotikaresistens och interaktionen människa och djur i fokus för SIGHT Award 2018

9 November 2018

Det är Johanna Lindahl, forskare inom veterinär-epidemiologi, som får priset och 100 000 kronor från Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation, SIGHT. Priset delas ut för en utmärkt vetenskaplig insats inom global hälsa.

LindahlJohanns_sight2018_350Johanna Lindahl är docent och verksam vid International Livestock Research Institute, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet samt Uppsala universitet.

Motiveringen till hennes utmärkelse:

”Johanna Lindahl har utifrån ett helhetsperspektiv och i samarbete med forskare från låg- och medelinkomstländer utvecklat vår kunskap inom områden med stor relevans för mänsklighetens välmående och fortlevnad globalt, nämligen interaktionen mellan människa och djur (”one health”) samt antibiotikaresistens.”

I en kommentar säger Johanna Lindahl att utmärkelsen är såväl hedrande som uppmuntrande.

– Det gäller både området one health och för mig personligen med tanke på att arbetet är så stort och vi är så pass få som arbetar med frågan. Kanske det här priset kan lyfta behovet av kunskap om interaktionen mellan människa, djur och ekosystem för antibiotikaresistens och samspelets betydelse för global hälsa.

Prisutdelning 25 november

Priset har instiftats med stöd från Familjen Einhorns Stiftelse och delas ut av Stefan Einhorn i samband med konsert med uruppförande i Eric Ericsonhallen i Stockholm, den 25 november. Beslut om mottagare av SIGHT Award 2018 har fattats av Kungl. Vetenskapsakademiens akademistyrelse.

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Pristagaren Johanna Lindahl:

SIGHTs föreståndare Peter Friberg:, 070-676 00 13


Fakta: Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation, SIGHT, arbetar för att stärka forskning och kunskapsspridning i global hälsa. SIGHT startades vid Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien år 2017 med finansiering från Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 – putting an end to sexual violence in armed conflict

5 October 2018

Niklas Elmehed © Nobel Media AB 2018

SIGHT congratulates the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, Nadia Murad, a survivor of sexual violence in armed conflict and a human rights defender and Denis Mukwege, a gynecologist devoting his life to restore and empower the victims of sexual violence in armed conflict. The laureates manifest the importance of seeing health, peace and gender equality as being complementary and intrinsically interdependent.

Partnering with Swedish global health top events of the year

30 April 2018

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Known as the Swedish global health top events of the year, SIGHT partnered with and participated in “The Swedish Global Health Research Conference 2018: How can Sweden Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? From Research to Action” arranged by The Swedish Society of Medicine, culminating in “The Global Health Night” arranged by several student organisations April 25th-26th.
In connection with the “Global Health Night”, ending the conference, SIGHT, in cooperation with The Swedish Society of Medicine and the Foreign and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs launched a useful guide about how all of us in different ways can contribute to global health.

SIGHT fellow to the European Academies Science Advisory Council

3 April 2018


Maria Nilsson, SIGHT fellow and Associate professor/researcher at the Unit of Epidemiology and Global Health, Umeå University, has been invited by the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) as member of a working group on climate change and health through nomination of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The task of the group is to review science and publish a report on the health impacts associated with climate change in Europe, and by broad commitment disseminate results to European decision makers and other stakeholders. The report, which will be used at national level by member academies, is expected to be published 2019.

WHO Director-General in unique Stockholm meeting with students

Students surrounding the WHO Director-General and SIGHT secretariat representatives at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

14 February 2018

– Students are important advisors for WHO, the World Health Organisation’s director-general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says, at a unique Sweden visit. When the director-general landed in Stockholm he wanted to visit SIGHT, the Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation, at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. There he had a roundtable discussion with around 30 students from the SIGHT network, representing different scientific disciplines, universities and student organisations.
More: (Swedish press release

SIGHT Award – new global health prize inaugurated

13 November 2017

Today the newly established SIGHT Award is publicly announced for the first time.
The Swedish professor Andreas Mårtensson receives the prize for his pioneering work to find strategies to fight malaria.
Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation, SIGHT, has initiated SIGHT Award to reward ”excellent scientific achievement within global health”.
The prize of SEK 100 000 has been enabled with support from the Einhorn Family Foundation and is presented by Melinda Gates in Stockholm on November 15tth.
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