Lancet-SIGHT Commission:
Timeline to publication

As of Feb 10, 2020






Commission strategy



Inaugural Commission Meeting

May 9-10, 2019


Draft and comment on Conceptual Framework

Jun – Sep, 2019


Finalize Conceptual Framework

Oct 2019

Working Group objectives and workplans



WGs plan analytic activities and prepare terms of reference (TOR)

Sep – Nov 2019

Phase 1 analyses



WGs conduct Phase 1 analytic work

Nov 2019 – Feb 2020


WG Leads Call

Dec 5, 2019


Publish Comment and website

Feb 27-29, 2020


London Working Meeting

Mar 2-3, 2020


Post-London Full Commission Conference Call (TBC)

Mar 2020


“Webinars” on WG Phase 1 findings (TBC)

Mar 2020

Phase 2 analyses



WGs conduct further analytic work, based on meeting discussion

Mar – Jul 2020


Second Commission Meeting (TBC)

June 2020?


WGs share summaries of analyses

Jul 2020




Writing Team prepares draft annotated outline of report

Aug -Sep 2020


Bellagio Workshop (TBC) to revise annotated outline and develop key messages

early-mid Oct 2020


Writing Team prepares full draft report

Oct 2020 – Jan 2021


Writing Team shares full draft report

Jan 2021


Third Commission Meeting (TBC) to discuss full draft and launch plan

mid-late Feb 2021


Writing Team finalizes report for submission

Mar-Apr 2021


Report submitted to Lancet

May 2021

Pre-publication process



Lancet in-person review

May 2021


Writing Team addresses in-person review comments

Jun 2021


Lancet peer review

Jul – Aug 2021


Writing Team addresses reviewer comments

Sep 2021


Final submission

Oct 2021



Nov 2021




Launch events

Nov 2021 – onwards