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SIGHT’s purpose is to promote an interdisciplinary approach, to strengthen and bridge Swedish research and education, and to provide a scientific basis for national and transnational collaborative policy work, in the field of global health. SIGHT is an institute under the auspices of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without improved health globally

The advice Dr Suwit Wibulpolprasert, senior health official in Thailand, would like to give young leaders and students aspiring to be game changers for global health governance, is very clear:

“You should never attend global health conferences with the attitude that it might help you advance your own career. No, you must have a heart for the public, a genuine wish to make a difference in your local contexts and be willing to meet and make a difference for real people.”

“It has taken many, many events to prove that this is the key, to prove that this is the spirit that drives us.”

Text: Ulrica Segersten

Dr Suwit Wibulpolprasert

Gabriel Wikström, formerly minister with responsibility for public health and healthcare, is now the Swedish national coordinator for 2030 Agenda. He has the somewhat daunting task of increasing societal cooperation to reach the 17 SDGs. This goes for local and regional actors, business as well as civil society and academia.

“We will of course work with the Agenda as a whole, but I will keep a special focus on children, adolescents and mental health”, says Gabriel Wikström

Text: Ulrica Segersten

Gabriel Wikström, Nationell samordnare för Agenda 2030
Melinda Gates meet SIGHT student panel

Leaders of tomorrow

Through SIGHT Student Network there is a great opportunity to strengthen cooperation between different student groups. SIGHT can be the enabling stepping stone for students passionate about global health, regardless of discipline. By working together with students SIGHT not only gains crucial perspective of students, but is also able to introduce a truly disciplinary global health approach to to leaders of tomorrow.

about sight

SIGHT has a small secretariat at the premises of the Academy. As SIGHT is part of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, SIGHT does not have a board of its own. However, there is an interim Scientific Advisory Committee.The organogram indicates that SIGHT will be based on a solid foundation of partnerships and collaborations.

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