Better health for refugee women and children

Date : 5 November 2019

Time: 17:00 – 19:30

Venue: Aula Hall at Vasaparken 1, Gothenburg University’s main building.

Theme: Towards ensuring physical and mental well-being for refugee women and children in the context of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Audience: students and university faculty staff


  • 1- Hold the annual Award Ceremony
  • 2- Raise the following issue: The urgent need for interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships in order to achieve SDG 3.8 which calls for a Universal Health Coverage worldwide leaving no one behind including refugee women and children
  • 3- Discuss the solutions that would improve refugee women’s and children’s healthcare access
  • 4- Provide a diverse network for involved participants that would represent the starting point of a growing network of collaborations in the future to achieve our main goal (SDG. 3)


17:00 Check-in

17:30 Introduction to the event by SIGHT student coordinators and the pro-vice chancellor of the University of Gothenburg

17:40 Keynote speech by Birgitta Essén

17:55 Introduction to panel discussion and panel moderator Sara Causevic by SIGHT student coordinators

18:00 Panel discussion moderated by Sara Causevic commences

19:05 Speech by Stefan Einhorn

19:15 Handing over of SIGHT award by the vice Chancellor of Gothenburg University and presentation of the winner’s research

19:25 Closing statements from SIGHT

19:30 Mingle