Next steps for Women in Global Health Sweden

Women in Global Health SwedenSome glad news is that the global network of Women in Global Health is growing, with more chapters in  Somalia and a regional African hub launched in Kigali, Rwanda.

Women in Global Health Sweden network had a busy several months, using it is an opportunity to discuss the next steps and initiatives of the WGH Sweden. An article was written for the Women’s health day, that focused on women health, and there were several events, such as the WHO Partner’s Forum, where WGH was present.

At the same time, inspired by the fruitful launch event in January, as well as feedback received from the participants, WGH Sweden is preparing for an informal “world café” meeting to be held in June. The meeting will be a platform for discussion on the next steps of WGH Sweden, taking into a consideration all the global movements and initiatives, such as the launch of the Lancet issue “Advancing women in science, medicine and global health” (Feb 09, 2019, Volume 393, and Number 10171), the Global 50/50 report, and Delivered by women, led by men: A gender and equity analysis of the global health and social workforce.

The June meeting will gather different participants to discuss the issues of women in global health in Sweden, the challenges we face, and how to overcome them with successful strategies, actions and activities. Also, this will be a chance to discuss mentorship, presence and advocacy.

More information on the event will follow in several days.

Sara Causevic
PhD Student, WGH Sweden
Research group on Global and Sexual Health (GloSH)
Dept of Public Health Sciences | Karolinska Institutet
Twitter: @saracausev